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Whether you're a fast-paced executive or a tired mummy navigating nap-times and school pick-ups, I know from first hand experience, that life can be crazy-busy and stressful.

I know that finding time to focus on your health and wellness is more often bottom of the priority list.  So The Sweat Shop is here to make life easier. I'm here to help you choose YOU.

I'm Anna. A Registered and Certified Personal Trainer and mum of two, based in Coatesville, Auckland.

I am passionate about helping women from all walks of life achieve their health and fitness goals.

I'm a firm believer in the power of exercise to improve your mental health and I absolutely love the 'Group Effect' - building a supportive community through fun group exercise to help you reach your goals faster.

Let’s do this together!





All fitness levels and abilities catered to, including pre/post-natal, peri and post-menopause.

Currently located in the beautiful country setting of Coatesville, on Auckland's North Shore.


strength & cardio

box fit

Whatever your vibe...
we've got you covered.


One-on-One CoachinG & training

Needing a more personalised approach?

Recovering from serious illness of injury?

Struggling to fit it all in?

No babysitter?

Lacking in confidence and wanting more privacy?

Needing greater accountability?

There's plenty of reasons why a client might prefer 1-1 personal training to help them reach their health and wellness goals.

My private studio in the heart of Coatesville has an adjoining playroom, to enable a family-friendly, stress-free space,

 focussed entirely on YOU.

pre & postnatal exercise

Exercising during pregnancy and after birth is hugely beneficial and typically there's no reason why you should stop as you entered this exciting new stage of your life.  However,  understanding which exercises are pelvic floor, core and baby safe is imperative - and that's where I can help you. 

Mums and Bubs small group training 

The Studio, Coatesville

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