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Group Fitness FAQs

Getting back into exercise or joining a gym can be a nerve-wracking process, and going to ‘bootcamp’ might conjure up all kinds of scary images… But working out with other women makes the journey way more motivating and fun!

So what exactly is The Sweat Shop Group Fitness?

What classes do you offer?

We currently offer these 45 minute classes:

Bootcamp - incorporating strength, conditioning and cardio

Box Fit

Stretch & Flow.

What can I expect at Bootcamp?

A mix of: cardio and resistance (weight training) exercises using both bodyweight and equipment: dumbbells, resistance bands, suspension bands, sand bags, kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, and more. (All equipment is supplied.)

We do timed circuits, HIIT (high intensity interval training), partner and team challenges and themed workouts of the day.

We also incorporate some boxing/kickboxing for fitness.

Familiar with F45-style circuits or some Les Mills classes? You'll be right at home here.


We have a lot of fun, you’ll learn new skills and you’ll get tired  - but your safety and good technique will always be my number one priority. Oh and we have banging tunes too to keep you feeling awesome.

Is your Bootcamp military style?

Heck no! You will be challenged, but there will be NO crawling through mud, climbing high walls, getting yelled at and punished!. We might use some equipment you have seen at those types of workouts, like battle ropes, tractor tyres etc; but ‘Bootcamp’ these days is more commonly used as a generic name for outdoor exercise. I tried to call our workout something else but my ladies keep referring to ‘bootcamp’ so it stuck!

I’ve never done Boxing, will I get hit?

No. In my Box Fit classes I teach boxing (and some kick-boxing) for fitness for the average person - NOT boxing to have a fight. You will box with hand wraps and gloves against a boxing bag or pads (all provided) held by myself or a partner.


There is no sparring involved. Teaching you safe boxing technique is paramount in this class, while ensuring you get an awesome full body workout. I myself have been boxing (for fitness) for years under the guidance of a couple of professional boxers and have my coaching certification through THUMP Australia. If you want to feel super empowered and like you can smash any goal then this is the class for you.



A blissful combination of basic yoga-style flows, stretching, balance, tai chi, mat Pilates and a hint of barre. This choreographed class is music-driven, soul-filling and will iron out the kinks! The perfect way to balance out your exercise regime and compliment our other classes. You can make it as challenging or as chilling as you wish, but one thing's for sure... your mental health will thank you for it.

Can I just rock up and start? 

Totally! BUT please come 5-10 mins early to fill in our confidential Health and Fitness Questionnaire. Better still, message me in advance and fill it in online, or I can email it to you. To ensure I have a handle on any injuries and medical conditions all participants are required to fill in the questionnaire and disclose any conditions, for your own safety.

What if I’m not fit enough?

You will be. All levels can participate and will be catered for, from beginners to advanced. 

Can’t run due to bad knees? Then we’ll jog or power walk. No skipping or jump jacks due to weak pelvic floor? Then stay low impact with an exercise like side lunges. Press ups on the knees still too challenging? Let’s take them to the wall, and master them standing first. There are always alternatives. You choose the intensity.

As a trained and experienced coach I know how to quickly adapt the exercises for attendees on the day. Unless you have complex medical conditions/injuries or identify as high risk in any part of your Health and Fitness Questionnaire, then you will still be able to participate successfully.

I WAS/am pregnant or recently had a baby - ARE YOUR CLASSES safe for me?

Yes! BUT with some specific exercise modifications and provided you have been cleared to train by your gynacologist and/or pelvic floor physiotherapist (the 6 week GP check is frequently insufficient). Please ensure you disclose as much information about your pregnancy, birth and recovery in your confidential Health and Fitness Questionnaire so we can discuss in detail which exercises will need to be modified to ensure they are safe and effective for your pelvic floor/core and aid in your general healing and recovery. As a pelvic floor and core-safe exercise instructor I have the training and skills to help you with this.

You may also want to check out our Mums & Bubs classes for specfic postnatal rehab.

Will I lose weight?

You can lose weight if you exercise consistently and frequently, so long as you also maintain a healthy diet. Local ladies who have seen significant weight loss results attend The Sweat Shop classes at least 3-4 times weekly and have prioritised good nutrition. Although not a qualified nutritionist I can provide broad general advice for losing weight which will support you on your journey.

Unfortunately you can’t out train a bad diet.

Check out our 6 Week Wellness Challenge.

What do I bring?

Comfy workout gear, trainers, a shower proof jacket just in case and a sweat towel. Bring a large water bottle and some hand sanitizer. 

Mats - We have a limited number of shared workout mats available, so feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

For Box Fit - Gloves can be provided, but if you have your own wraps and gloves please bring them.


What about the weather?

At the hall we can workout inside and out, regardless of the weather. At the studio, the inside facilities are a little cosier for large groups so bring a shower-proof jacket in case of rain. Unless it’s torrential, we won’t cancel.

What experience does the trainer have?

I am a qualified Personal Trainer with nearly 10 years experience. I’ve been running successful bootcamps in Coatesville for the last 4 years and in Te Atatu Peninsula for several years before that. 

I am constantly learning and upskilling (such as completing additional courses in postnatal rehab), because ongoing personal development is  a passion of mine and a key requirement of my annual registration with REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) NZ.

Can I bring mY bIG and LITTLE KIDS?

Yes absolutely! BUT.. for the safety and enjoyment of all participants they won't able to participate or play with equipment, unless the class is specifically designed with them in mind (Mums & Bubs, Holiday Program etc;) or with the invitation of the instructor.

I know that for many ladies, bringing the tribe is the only way you can get a workout in and we have the facilities to help you - plus a super supportive community of women who ‘get it’.

But ultimately, responsibility for the safety and behaviour of the child is yours; given there will be lots of moving bodies and heavy equipment. At the studio, I have a safe playroom directly off the gym - ideal for playtime, snack time, breastfeeds and nappy changes. At the hall, I recommend bringing some toys/books and snacks to keep little ones occupied. Bathroom facilities are available at both venues.

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